AI智能 x SEO行銷: 有SEO策略卻難以實踐?, AI幫到你

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 AI technology is no longer just a future trend, it has become a part of our daily lives. From voice assistants in smartphones to autonomous driving systems in transportation, the influence of AI is becoming increasingly significant. In the field of digital marketing, the addition of AI has further boosted marketing results. does AI assist the operation of Google search engine, and the specific application of AI in digital marketing tools? Let us take a look at the advantages and benefits that the combination of AI and SEO will bring!

First understand how the GOOGLE search engine works

Google announced in 2016 that it processed more than two trillion search requests that year, average daily searches reached 5.5 billion, and had to handle 63,000 search requests per second, with new search terms (keywords) constantly appearing. The key to Google's ability to handle such a large number of search requests quickly and accurately lies in its self-developed AI algorithm "RankBrain". RankBrain has two main functions:

1. Provide accurate search results

RankBrain evaluates the user's search needs and gives the most relevant response. For example, when three users search for "Go to Mong Kok MTR Station", "How to get to Mong Kok MTR Station" and "Go to Mong Kok MTR Station" respectively, even though they use different words, RankBrain will analyze and determine that all three people want to know how to get there. Mong Kok MTR Station, so Google search results will be presented in map form.

2. Evaluate the quality of the website and give a score

RankBrain will evaluate all aspects of the website, including text, images, videos, website authority and external links, and give corresponding scores. Therefore, websites that appear on the first page of Google searches have been rigorously evaluated and rated highly.


Google continues to let RankBrain learn and optimize itself to maintain its core value of "providing the most accurate response to users around the world."

How to apply AI in SEO Marketing?

AI not only processes billions of search requests for Google every day, but also demonstrates its indispensable value in the digital marketing world. Especially for Google's search algorithm, a variety of AI-driven SEO tools have emerged. This article will delve into the specific application of four AI tools in SEO marketing.

 1. Mine keywords and related phrases, and establish topics with keywords that different devices and geographies will affect people using. Marketing experts can leverage AI tools to find and analyze key keywords and related search traffic. For example, with the theme of "SEO marketing", related keywords such as "SEO tools", "SEO tutorials" and "SEO case analysis" can be used as the topics of other articles, and internal links can be used to improve the ranking of the website and keywords. Relevance.

2. Adapt to changes in voice search

With the popularity of smartphone voice assistants, people’s search habits are also changing. In the past, the keywords that users searched for have also changed from typing to voice recognition, making the keyword sentences more colloquial. For example, the search keyword "Go to Mong Kok MTR Station" in the previous example will become "I want to go to Mong Kok MTR Station" in voice search. In order to cater to the trend of voice search, AI intelligent tools can collect and analyze the intonation changes of voice searches to find out the actual needs of users. Marketers can then make colloquial adjustments to the keywords of the website based on the analysis results.


 3. AI intelligence conducts in-depth analysis of the target website and provides accurate and real-time data to digital marketing experts. The main functions are as follows:

  • Assess website quality and identify core differences from competitor websites
  • Count website visits during a specific period of time
  • Track user interactions on the website
  • Optimize user experience based on user behavior data
  • Accurate calculation of purchase conversion rates for items sold on the website

The online environment is filled with information, but for marketers, not all information is useful or

precise. AI intelligence can help marketing experts filter out the most relevant and accurate information, thereby improving strategy planning.

Accuracy of determination and interpretation of information. Not only does this help optimize the content and user experience of client websites, it also

Help improve its ranking in Google search engine.

 4. Personalized user experience

AI tools can analyze each user who visits the website, record individual usage habits, and provide a personalized website experience. When users get a better experience, Google will naturally improve the ranking of the website. For example, when a user interested in women's shoes and a user interested in 3C products visit the same e-commerce website, they will see product recommendations that they are interested in.



With the assistance of AI, marketing experts can formulate strategies more accurately to improve the content quality and search engine rankings of client websites.


AI SEO vs traditional SEO

The biggest difference between us and traditional SEO agencies is our AI-driven capabilities.

Traditional SEO services usually rely on manual analysis and empirical judgment, while we use advanced private AI systems, such as keyword discovery and data analysis, to provide more precise and efficient SEO solutions. This means we can conduct in-depth analysis of large amounts of data in a shorter period of time to find more effective keywords, more precise target audiences, and more appropriate content strategies. This technology-driven approach not only improves the accuracy of our services, but also allows us to be more flexible in response to market changes and customer needs. Choose us and you will experience how AI and data work together to bring unprecedented SEO effects and performance improvements.

The perfect integration of AI intelligence and SEO marketing|WEBSITE SEO PLUS, your SEO solution

We are passionate about sharing practical SEO techniques with everyone and promoting the core concepts of digital marketing. As a leading brand focusing on SEO marketing, we have a complete private AI system that combines AI intelligence with SEO strategies. And launched a series of related tools and services to create substantial value for major brands. It is worth mentioning that our team also includes SEO experts located in the United States and Europe who are responsible for the actual SEO work. Since Google is headquartered in the United States, our overseas experts have the most professional understanding and practical experience in SEO.


In addition to providing comprehensive website SEO assessment and keyword research services, we also have specialized SEO content planning services.

Our team makes good use of AI content creation, such as using advanced tools such as ChatGPT and Jasper. These AI writing tools can not only quickly generate high-quality content, but also write according to specific topics, and then cooperate with the team to optimize and add SEO keywords, greatly improving the efficiency of content creation. This highly automated and personalized content generation method allows us to respond more flexibly to the needs of different industries and markets.


In addition, we also use Google’s AI-generated keywords to optimize SEO. Through these efficient keywords analyzed by AI, we can more accurately locate the target audience and conduct more effective keyword placement on the website and content. This not only improves the website's ranking in Google search results, but also increases website traffic and user engagement.


Based on the above, our comprehensive website SEO assessment, keyword research, and specialized SEO content planning services are all designed to help you improve the keyword influence of your website and thereby improve your Google search rankings.

Our scope of services

Our SEO project services are designed to conduct a comprehensive website quality assessment for corporate customers and improve deficiencies in all aspects. By focusing on six areas including website security, user experience, website indexing, search and social media previews, and content analysis, we solve the problem of companies investing a lot of resources without seeing a clear return. Our goal is to get high traffic to your website so you can achieve real sales results!