AI x SEO: Struggling with SEO Strategy? AI Has Got Your Back

AI technology is no longer just a future trend; it has become an integral part of our daily lives. From voice assistants on smartphones to autonomous driving systems, the impact of AI is increasingly significant. In the realm of digital marketing, the inclusion of AI has been a game-changer. But how exactly does AI assist in Google search engine operations, and what are its specific applications in digital marketing tools? Let's delve into the immense advantages and benefits that the fusion of AI and SEO can offer! 


Understanding How Google's Search Engine Works

In 2016, Google announced that it processed over two trillion search queries that year, averaging 5.5 billion searches per day and 63,000 searches per second. New keywords are continuously emerging. Google's ability to handle such a massive volume of search queries quickly and accurately lies in its proprietary AI algorithm, "RankBrain," which has two main functions:


  1. Providing Accurate Search Results: RankBrain evaluates user search queries and delivers the most relevant responses. For example, when three users search for "How to get to Mong Kok MTR station," "Mong Kok MTR station directions," and "Going to Mong Kok MTR station," RankBrain will analyse and determine that all three are looking for the same information, presenting the results in map form.

  2. Evaluating Website Quality and Scoring: RankBrain assesses various aspects of websites, including text, images, videos, site authority, and external links, and assigns corresponding scores. Therefore, websites that appear on Google's first search page have undergone rigorous evaluation and received high scores.

Google continuously allows RankBrain to self-learn and optimise to maintain its core value of "providing the most accurate responses to global users."


How to Apply AI in SEO Marketing?

AI not only assists Google in handling billions of daily search queries but also demonstrates its indispensable value in the digital marketing industry. This article will explore four types of AI tools and their specific applications in SEO marketing.

 1. Keyword and Topic Discovery: Marketing experts can use AI tools to find and analyze primary keywords and related search traffic. For example, with "SEO marketing" as the main topic, related keywords like "SEO tools," "SEO tutorials," and "SEO case studies" can serve as topics for other articles, enhancing website and keyword relevance through internal linking.

 2. Adapting to Voice Search Trends: With the proliferation of smartphone voice assistants, people's search habits are changing. Keywords used in searches are becoming more colloquial due to the shift from typing to voice recognition.

3. Deep Analysis of Target Websites: AI provides digital marketing experts with precise and real-time data, including website quality assessment, tracking user interactions, and calculating conversion rates for products sold on the website.

4. Personalised User Experience: AI tools can analyse each visitor to a website, recording individual usage habits and providing a personalised website experience.


AI SEO vs. Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO services often rely on manual analysis and experiential judgment. In contrast, we utilise advanced AI systems for keyword discovery and data analysis, providing more accurate and efficient SEO solutions. This tech-driven approach not only enhances the accuracy of our services but also allows us to adapt more flexibly to market changes and customer needs.

The Perfect Fusion of AI and SEO: WEBSITE SEO PLUS, Your SEO Solution

Our client results


We are passionate about sharing practical SEO tips with everyone and promoting the core concepts of digital marketing. As a leading brand focused on SEO marketing, we have a comprehensive, private AI system that combines AI intelligence with SEO strategies. We've launched a series of related tools and services to create tangible value for major brands. It's worth mentioning that our team also includes SEO experts based in the United States and Europe, who handle the actual SEO work. Given that Google's headquarters are in the United States, our overseas experts possess the most professional understanding and practical experience in SEO.

In addition to offering comprehensive website SEO assessments and keyword research services, we also specialise in SEO content planning. Our team excels at AI-driven content creation, utilising advanced tools like ChatGPT and Jasper. These AI writing tools not only generate high-quality content quickly but also tailor the writing to specific themes. Coupled with team optimization and the inclusion of SEO keywords, this significantly enhances the efficiency of content creation. This highly automated and personalised approach to content generation allows us to adapt flexibly to the needs of different industries and markets.


Furthermore, we leverage Google's AI-generated keywords to optimise SEO. By utilising these high-efficiency keywords analysed by AI, we can more precisely target our audience and implement more effective keyword placement within the website and content. This not only improves the website's ranking in Google search results but also increases website traffic and user engagement.


In summary, our comprehensive website SEO assessment, keyword research, and specialised SEO content planning services aim to boost your website's keyword impact, thereby improving its ranking on Google searches.


Our Service Scope

Our SEO project services aim to provide corporate clients with a comprehensive assessment of website quality and improve various shortcomings. By focusing on website security, user experience, website indexing, search and social media previews, and content analysis, we address the issue of companies investing heavily without seeing significant returns. Our goal is to drive high traffic to your website, leading to tangible sales results!