Will ChatGPT weaken Google SEO?

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More than 20 years ago, Google subverted the network environment with its precise and fast search engine technology and became the industry leader around the world. After the launch of the artificial intelligence chat robot ChatGPT, Google raised its alert for the first time since its opening, and the stock price has a downward trend. How can ChatGPT affect Google's position in the search industry?


Advantages of ChatGPT

Compared with Google, ChatGPT has more direct and targeted answers, which saves the time of using Google to filter data. ChatGPT selects the answers in the database for users at a more accurate and faster speed.

Will this new search method directly replace Google? Will SEO based on Google system still be useful in the future?

In terms of language translation ability, personalized response and communication ability, ChatGPT is indeed better than Google.

However, data access, domain expertise, user interface, search algorithms and advertising platforms are still areas where Google cannot be replaced.


Google's competitiveness is still online!


ChatGPT is under a new torrent. Although it has 100 million users until January 2023, it still breaks down from time to time, but it is still small compared to Google.


According to statistics, Google has more than 560 million people who use search every hour, which is equivalent to more than 930,000 people use search every minute.


In daily life, when most people search for a question, we don't just need an answer, but also want to refer to other people's answers and the reasons behind it! For example, other merchants, comment platforms, other people's comments, etc. In different search results, users can get websites that focus on related issues. Since the content of different website reviews comes from different people, these contents can help users understand relevant information from more angles!


Most people now use online search engines to search for different merchants and compare them with each other before choosing where to buy products or services. Although this screening process takes a little time, it allows us to make choices more "freely" and can provide The fun of shopping, enjoy the shopping process in the online world. On the contrary, ChatGPT relies on the user's questioning method and outputs answers in a question-and-answer manner. Then, if the user does not have a multi-angle understanding of the question, it will be more difficult to get a comprehensive answer.


As far as businesses are concerned, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method to help entrepreneurs increase their exposure on Google, making their websites stand out among a large number of search results. It is also because Google has more real-time and diverse databases than ChatGPT, so as long as the content of the website is still unique and readable, your website will also have a certain amount of new traffic and new customers, and will not be replaced by ChatGPT . Although ChatGPT can provide many choices, it will not provide substantive suggestions or user experience, and ultimately buyers need to make the final decision by themselves.

At the same time, the source of ChatGPT's Database is nothing more than existing search engines and commentary information. Google has stored the database for many years, and ChatGPT's AI also needs to absorb the source of the data. The special feature of Google is that it provides a platform for everyone to build their own web pages, so that different companies, review platforms, etc. can provide Google with a variety of content to make the information more updated. (ChatGPT's Database only ends in 2021)




Another bigger problem - content! Although ChatGPT's answer is simple and direct, it is sometimes "too" simple and general.

Taking "top 10 organic supplements" as an example, enter the same word in Google and ChatGPT. However, ChatGPT only provides the names and functions of different organic supplements, but does not provide information on different brands and prices, which is more suitable for informational searches. But if the purpose of the search is shopping, the information obtained through Google can be more helpful to the customer himself.


Back to the original question, will SEO created by Google be eliminated?


As long as the public still browses products or services through Google, and enjoys shopping and shopping through different review platforms and stores, SEO can still improve your business.


In addition, our services are not limited to SEO. In the process of research and discussion together, we will also provide professional advice on website content, design, social media, etc., to make your marketing plan, the effect of your presentation, etc. more perfect, Enhance brand competitiveness both internally and externally.


"The future will be the world of ChatGPT", do you agree?


Some people say that when ChatGPT matures, we will all rely on it, ranging from medical surgery to choosing a boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you want to see again?


The editor believes that just like Google was launched that day, some people accept it, some use it well, and some rely on it. The times are different but the results are the same. People are lazy, like to take shortcuts, use less of their brains, and naturally rely on ChatGPT to gradually lose their value in society. On the contrary, make good use of ChatGPT to improve and improve efficiency, and then rely on your own thinking and progress, the future world is yours!


I believe you know this decision better than me!


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