Do you really need a website for your business?

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At this point in time, it is very important for businesses to be available online. In line with that, we always got the question, "Is it really necessary to have a website for my business?" or "I got clients on my social media accounts, why do I need a website?" 

Social media accounts are free and good for networking and sharing your products or offer worldwide. They are an easy way to promote your content without the need for vast tech expertise.

Social media platform owners even made it very accessible to the point of allowing tagging in content and making it simple for people to get information about products as well as book appointments without the need the leave the app but is it enough? 

Although Social Media can help business owners get their business out there, it doesn't mean everyone that is looking for a product or service will trust them. With the pandemic surge, a lot of businesses popped out on different social media platforms making people skeptical about the accounts they came across. There are big possibilities of scams and shady companies that disappear with your money.

Social Media is not your own platform that you can the home of your business whereas owning a website builds your credibility that reassures your visitors to be a trustworthy company.

A website allows you to show your history or experiences, expertise and credentials. It also allows you to be found easily in search engine results. Chances are the first page of the search results will be filled with websites rather than social media profiles. This means that businesses that only use social media are missing out on around 40,000 searches every second (from Google alone). It also gives you full control over eCommerce if you are offering products in your business that let you customize the shopping experience for your visitors. 

Remember the time when Instagram and Facebook as well as its other apps were down and inaccessible for hours in 2023? It is an unforgettable day that brought massive impact to business owners who use social media solely in running their business even causing a loss of thousands in terms of sales. It was a devastating day for some of these business owners who did not own a website because it caused them to go down as well. 

In this aspect, if you rely mainly on social media, your business is at risk of shutting down whereas, if you have a website, you have full control of it all the time. 

This is not an implication that you don’t need to use social media but we recommend a balance of both owning a social media account to connect and your website to build a trustworthy brand especially if you are looking to develop a sustainable business and want to be found worldwide.

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