SEO and AI SEO, what's the difference? (MUST Read!)

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Did you know that there is a difference between SEO & AI SEO?

When it comes to ranking and being found in the Google Search Engines, we are aware of how keywords play a big role in this field, but there are many different ways on how SEO hits it.

They both meant Search Engine Optimization but the word AI or Artificial Intelligence gives them them big gap and we will decipher them right at the bat.

SEO is used to increase a website's traffic through search engine results. Google use bots to crawl onto trillions of website pages- checking from site to site in order to collect information. AI SEO is similar but at the next level.

How? Our AI SEO system works 24/7 therefore is much faster than human in traditional SEO. With advanced technology, Artificial Intelligence machine perform different tasks like humans do, but with less error and more efficiency!

Same with increasing traffic to our client websites and management of on page and off page optimization. In short, AI SEO widens and automates common SEO activities which means that it does a lot of functions and analyzes a lot more data in a short span of time for our clients. 

Other than these significant differences, traditional SEO can only generate/ promote about 20-50 keywords while our AI SEO can do 100-200 or even over 1000+, 3000+ keywords in the same amount of time.

This means leveraging AI SEO to win in the blue ocean keywords instead of still competing in the red ocean like all other SEO experts out there, like your competitors! 

Worst, having only 20-50 keywords meant there will be a little room for you to do brand protection! 

And everyone knows how online brand protection is very important for every business now.

Think for yourself - If brand protection alone can use at least 10 keywords, (for example, your brand name + XXX location / your brand name + comment/ testimonial XXX / your brand name + XXX industry... there are so many combinations of keywords that your customer can type in the google search bar!)

Therefore traditional SEO with only 20-50 keywords does not help you take care of these. Their guessing methodology is lack of data support and they can easily run out of keywords.

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets as business owners and experts, our question is how are you paying attention to protect and improve it online?

This is how we help our clients and you too! Most common SEO agencies does not focus on Brand Protection and Brand Growth like we do, actually when people search they want to find out what is the reputation of your brand, is it great? Good? or Bad?

See the comparison table of traditional SEO vs AI SEO+ below for you:

Therefore, keywords like your brand name + XXX (XXX can be different words like comment/ recommendation/ or even other words like positive or negative etc) that normally a SEO agency would not remind you because they have limited keywords like 20-50 only. Imagine already used up 10 on these!

How about Money Making Keywords?

(Think of your potential customer that search keywords of your industry without typing in your name. In other words, they want to buy something now but they don't know you yet). 

Because with our AI system, you will receive 100+ to 1000+ of keywords that the system finds, actual data about what people are already googling now! Therefore, you can utilize these keywords and our experts can implement and can take care of these for you. Our technical experts and database will advise what are these brand building plus money making keywords that you should not miss in your content, no matter on your website or social media.

Now you understand why leveraging AI SEO+ will be your way to stand out against your competitors. 

Further, we will advise you on Google My Business GMB also. Another way to win. 

This is the reason why our customers reach out to us. Not only to help them rank in search engine results but to know the exact things they need for their business online. It is not only SEO but brand building and attracting new clients which you otherwise would not have come across if you don’t do AI SEO! Our team is knowledgeable and has ways to know what your customers are looking for. Book a free call with us and tell us your concerns!

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