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Run your business while we handle your complete digital marketing and SEO strategy. Sit back, receive monthly tailored insights and reports, and tap into valuable Google search data to meet your customers' needs. Ideal for product and service business owners without the need for a dedicated marketing team.

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What This Service Involves

Website Re-construction & Monthly Maintenance

This updating and redesigning your existing website to improve its appearance, functionality, and user experience. Monthly maintenance ensures that your website remains secure, runs smoothly, and is updated with the latest content and technology. These processes help in keeping your website relevant, fast, and accessible to all users.

Website Content Writing: SEO Articles / Trends for for On Page Optimization

This involves using targeted keywords, creating high-quality and relevant content, and ensuring the website is user-friendly. Keeping up with the latest trends in on-page optimization, such as mobile optimization, fast loading times, and the use of meta tags, can significantly enhance a website's performance and attract more visitors.

Google AI SEO (12 x Months) 

This involves using AI to better understand user queries, optimizing content for more relevant search results, and improving website rankings. The aim is to create a more intuitive and efficient search experience for users while offering businesses innovative tools to increase their online visibility.


Website Revamp / Improvement

This involves updating the design, content, and functionality to make it more appealing and user-friendly. This process aims to enhance the visitor's experience by making the site more engaging, faster, and easier to navigate. It can also include adding new features, improving accessibility, and ensuring the website is up-to-date with the latest web standards and technologies.

Bonus: Google My Business (GMB Map) optimization suggestions

This involves updating your GMB profile with accurate information, such as your business hours, location, and services, and encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. By doing so, it improves your ranking in local search results, increasing the likelihood that potential customers will choose your business over competitors.

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